Chilton County, AL Summer Camps

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Chilton County, AL Summer Camps

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Science Summer Camps
Science is not a subject that must be taught within the boundaries of a classroom. Science is better understood when children are actually allowed to experience what they read in books. Enrolling your child for Science summer camps will solve this purpose. These camps are organized for children of all ages. These camps include academic as well as fun activities. The children learn to handle responsibilities on their own, they learn to live and work with teams and they of course make new friends.

Painting Landscapes in Watercolor - Location: Center for The Creative Arts - 410 Upper Snuff Mill Row, Yorklyn, DE
This camp concentrates on skies and landscapes. Learn various watercolor techniques to create washes and textures. Explore the sky and clouds and different approaches to painting each. 302 239-2434 x120

Geography of Chilton County, AL

According to the 2000 census, the county has a total area of 700.76 square miles , of which 693.98 square miles is land and 6.78 square miles is water. Major highways Interstate 65 U.S. Highway 31 U.S. Highway 82 State Route 22 State Route 139 State Route 145 State Route 155 Adjacent counties Shelby County Coosa County Elmore County Autauga County Perry County Dallas County Bibb County National protected area Talladega National Forest .

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