Escambia County, AL Summer Camps

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Escambia County, AL Summer Camps

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Summer Staff: Who’s Working with Your Child?
It is important to know who is taking care of your child while they are away at summer camp. When choosing a camp, there are some important questions to ask. First, find out if the camp is accredited. Also, ask what they staff qualifications are. The length of time that they director has been in that position matters. Whether or not camp counselors return year after year will tell you whether or not they like their position, and also whether or not they are asked to return. Also, it might be a good idea to find out how they handle homesickness.

Theme 2: Transportation and Communication [Urban Infrastructure] - Wow Science - Voorhees - 904 Cooper Road, Voorhees Township, NJ
During this theme, campers will engage in a variety of activities where they explore many of the fundamental concepts dealing with urban infrastructure—what it is, what the major elements of the various urban infrastructure systems are, how each works, and how we as users and designers interact with the different infrastructures. Campers will be learning and performing projects on the infrastructures of transportation and communication. Under transportation, they will explore the specific topics of mapping a neighborhood, public transportation, freight, and designing a city. Under communication, they will explore modeling a cellular network, making a telephone tube, transmitting radio waves, and communicating with flashlights. After we cover the basic concepts, we will shift our minds and projects to attempting to build some of the infrastructures in a space—weightless—environment. Week 3 Field Trip: Friday, July 15. Apple Center, NJ Week 4 Field Trip: Friday, July 22. Next Fab (Teen Campers)/The Franklin Institute (Junior & Main Campers) Eligible: K-8 *Early bird discount of $80 has been applied until March 1. 8775412267.0

Geography of Escambia County, AL

According to the 2000 census, the county has a total area of 952.95 square miles , of which 947.38 square miles is land and 5.57 square miles is water. Major highways Interstate 65 U.S. Highway 29 U.S. Highway 31 Alabama State Route 21 Alabama State Route 41 Alabama State Route 113 Adjacent counties Conecuh County Covington County Okaloosa County, Florida Santa Rosa County, Florida Escambia County, Florida Baldwin County Monroe County The border with Escambia County, Florida is rather unusual since the counties both share the same name. The only other instances in which two neighboring counties with the same name share a state border are Sabine County, Texas and Sabine Parish, Louisiana , Bristol County, Massachusetts and Bristol County, Rhode Island , Kent County, Maryland and Kent County, Delaware , and Union County, Arkansas and Union Parish, Louisiana respectively. National protected area Conecuh National Forest .

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