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Geneva County, AL Summer Camps

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Most Popular Latin Dance Styles of the World
Latin Dance involves a variety of dance forms. Although each of them is subtly different from the other, there is a common ground between all of them: the swaying of the hips and the twirling of the feet along with the sensuous movements of the shoulders and arms combine to form a very passionate dance form that is significant to all Latin dance styles.

Period 3 - Woodworking - NBJH Room 116 - 1475 Maple Ave, Northbrook, IL
Incoming 7th and 8th graders will learn the basic usage and safety of some hand tools, power tools and machinery (routers, drill press, scroll saw, spindle sander, disc sander, palm sander, cordless drill, lathe). All activities will be demonstrated and supervised by Mr. Caris, the current Woodworking teacher at NBJH. Students will choose a project from a list based on their experience. The list will be sent home in the FIRST week of the course. Examples include a cutting board, wood bowl, routed sign, garden tray, gumball machine, and bag toss game. Other projects will be available if time permits. 8475043400 x2520

Geography of Geneva County, AL

According to the 2000 census, the county has a total area of 578.90 square miles , of which 576.28 square miles is land and 2.62 square miles is water. Major highways State Route 27 State Route 52 State Route 54 State Route 85 State Route 87 Adjacent counties Dale County Houston County Holmes County, Florida Walton County, Florida Covington County Coffee County .

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