Marengo County, AL Summer Camps

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Marengo County, AL Summer Camps

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Young Explorers Summer BLAST! - Week 1 - Oakwood - 105 John Wilson Way, Morgan Hill, CA
For children entering PreK-1st grade: YOUNG EXPLORERS SUMMER BLAST! at Oakwood is an afternoon program designed specifically to engage young children (ages PreK –1st grade) in activities that will unlock their imagination. When Young Explorers pass through the class- room door, they will instantly be launched into new and exciting worlds. One day the children may discover that they are knights who have been trusted to protect the castle from re-breathing dragons, and the next they may find that they have been transformed into a pit crew on the side of a great auto speedway. Children may find themselves on the infamous Jolly Roger, swabbing the deck and walking the plank, or they may discover that they are astronauts flying past the Milky Way. The possibilities are endless at Young Explorers Summer BLAST!! Young Explorers Summer BLAST! is run by creative and enthusiastic adult teachers who are assisted by junior counselors. Throughout the entire week these leaders will provide a safe environment for the children to make new friends, test their skills, and explore the realms of possibility and imagination. Young Explorers Summer BLAST! runs from 1:30 – 4:30 pm, and students may enroll in one, two or all three weeks. Children who are enrolled in the morning Summer Arts Academy program will have a supervised lunchtime from 12:45–1:30 pm each day, and will need to bring their own snack/lunch each day, in addition to the lunch they bring for the morning program. 4087827177.0

Geography of Marengo County, AL

Gaineswood , a National Historic Landmark in Demopolis. Dayton Town Hall in Dayton. On the Alabama Register of Landmarks and Heritage. Geographic features Marengo County is situated in the west-central area of the state. According to the 2000 census, the county has a total area of 982.85 square miles , of which 977.04 square miles is land and 5.80 square miles is water. The entire western county border is formed by the Tombigbee River and a small northwestern portion is formed by the Black Warrior River . Major highways U.S. Highway 43 U.S. Highway 80 State Route 10 State Route 25 State Route 28 State Route 69 Adjacent counties Hale County Perry County Dallas County Wilcox County Clarke County Choctaw County Sumter County Greene County .

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