Perry County, AL Summer Camps

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Perry County, AL Summer Camps

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Common Mistakes Parents Make About Summer Camp
When it's time to start thinking about summer camp, parents sometimes get excited before the child does. Parents tend to remember good times they had as children, and picture their child having similar good times with friends at camp. What they fail to consider is whether or not the child tends to have issues with separation, homesickness or anxiety while away from parents and away from home.

Creative Journaling Exploration - Carolina Day School - 1345 Hendersonville Road, Asheville, NC
Journaling is a great way to become inspired, remember events, and be creative! Creative journaling goes beyond a dear diary approach to incorporate color, inspirational quotes, and different artistic methods. Campers will use this week to begin and build creative journaling skills that they can continue in their future. Art, writing, and great fun rolled into one week! Leader: Amanda Moss Edwards 828-274-0757

Geography of Perry County, AL

According to the 2000 census, the county has a total area of 724.08 square miles , of which 719.48 square miles is land and 4.59 square miles is water. Major highways U.S. Highway 80 State Route 5 State Route 14 Adjacent counties Bibb County Chilton County Dallas County Marengo County Hale County National protected area Talladega National Forest .

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