Cochise County, AZ Summer Camps

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Cochise County, AZ Summer Camps

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Computer Summer Camps
Does your child spend hour with his video game? Does he show interest in such technical stuff? Then a computer summer camp is the right place where your child should be in the summer vacation. Computer summer camps are for children of every age group. Campers get to learn about different aspects of computing and technology through hands on learning with different types of digital media. There is something for everyone in these camps. So a child will not be confused and teenagers with some expertise in this field will not be bored doing the same things repeatedly.

Taste of Manitowa (1-week) - Benton, IL - Camp Manitowa - 12770 North Benton Road, Benton, IL
Enjoy all of Camp Manitowa activities excluding water skiing and tubing. A $15 camp facility tax included. 314-375-6766

Geography of Cochise County, AZ

According to the 2000 census, the county has a total area of 6,218.77 square miles , of which 6,169.45 square miles is land and 49.32 square miles is water. Cochise County is as big as Rhode Island and Connecticut combined. Adjacent counties and municipios Santa Cruz County, Arizona - southwest Pima County, Arizona - west Graham County, Arizona - north Greenlee County, Arizona - northeast Hidalgo County, New Mexico - east Agua Prieta , Sonora , Mexico - south Cananea, Sonora , Mexico - south Naco, Sonora, Mexico - south Santa Cruz, Sonora , Mexico - .

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