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Brownsville, TX Summer Camps

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A Brief Overview of the History of American Dance
The Americans started dancing as means of communication at a time when there were not too many effective ways to keep in touch with friends and family. Dance gave them the freedom to meet in public places and express their feelings through physical movements with the aid of appropriate music which were socially acceptable as well as visually pleasing.

Elementary School Computer Programing Week 8 - Knott Hall - 500 Chestnut ave, Towson, MD
Kids will learn computer programming using Tynker and During camp, students will think creatively while learning programming basics. By the end of the camp, these budding programmers will be able to put their imagination and creativity into the form of a computer program. This class is a great introduction into basic computer programming. Developed specifically for kids grades 3-5, Computer Programming camp is a great introduction into coding and logic-based thinking. No previous programming experience is needed. 443 841 3328

Education in Brownsville, TX

Universities and colleges UT School of Public Health University of Texas at Brownsville and Texas Southmost College The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston , School of Public Health , Brownsville Regional Campus The School of Public Health opened in 2001 as part of the legislated Regional Academic Health Center program, or RAHC and is physically located on the campus of the University of Texas at Brownsville. UTSPH - Brownsville is a regional campus of the University of Texas School of Public Health statewide network which offer students a graduate certificate in public health and the Master of Public Health graduate degree. Starting in 2009, the Brownsville Regional Campus also began offering a PhD program in Epidemiology and a Doctorate in Public Health in Health Promotion, the only program's of their kind in South Texas. Major public health concerns of the faculty and researchers found here in the Lower Rio Grande Valley Texas include diabetes , tuberculosis , obesity , cardiovascular disease and hepatitis . Other areas of public health significance include physical activity, behavioral journalism, healthy living, diet and lifestyles activities. The Brownsville Regional Campus is also developing a strong research focus in genetics and its relationship to infectious and chronic disease. Primary and secondary schools Public schools Most of Brownsville is served by Brownsville Independent School District . The BISD counted its total enrollment in the 2010-11 at 49,155 students in 57 schools. It is the 17th largest school district in Texas. A portion of northern Brownsville is served by the Los Fresnos Consolidated Independent School District . In addition, Brownsville residents are allowed to apply to magnet schools operated by the South Texas Independent School District , as well as BISD magnet schools. Each BISD high school has a magnet school within the school . State charter schools Raul Yzaguirre School For Success Sentry Technology Prep Charter High School IDEA Public Schools Frontier Academy and College Prep Harmony Science Academy-Brownsville Math and Science Academy-UTB Private and parochial schools Grades 9-12: Livingway Christian School Saint Joseph Academy Valley Christian .

Brownsville, TX City Statistics:

Population: 139722
Longitude: -97.482 Latitude: 25.9251

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