Cashion, AZ Summer Camps

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Cashion, AZ Summer Camps

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Weight Loss Summer Camps
Obesity is a growing concern among kids today. Burgers and french fries are a favourite among kids, because of which obesity cannot be cured easily. Parents are trying ways to help their kids in overcoming this problem. However diet and weight loss do not usually work out in the case of children. What is required is a blend of exercises and diet to get the desired result. Weight loss summer camps try to achieve these goals. These camps are for small kids as well as teenagers.

Camp Grove - Oak Grove Life Center - 10025 Oakland Dr., North Little Rock, AR
Your children will learn about God in a active setting where each one will participate in several different activities such as competitive sports, creative arts, worship, outdoors, and other related activities and games. 5018379220.0

Cashion, AZ City Statistics:

Population: 35883
Elevation: 990 feet. Longitude: -112.32 Latitude: 33.44

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