Crestview, FL Summer Camps

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Crestview, FL Summer Camps

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Care Package Tips for Summer Camp: What to Include
Care packages from parents are what kids at summer camp eagerly wait for. Sending kids their favorite goodies is like giving them a big hug from home. It allows them to feel comfort from mom and dad while they are being independent and enjoying their summers away from home.

Frontiers I Application - WPI Campus - 100 Institute Rd, Worcester, MA
Frontiers challenges soon-to-be high school juniors and seniors to explore the outer limits of knowledge in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). You will learn from outstanding professors and graduate students while using state-of-the-art experimental, analytical, and computer technology facilities. Attend one or both sessions to immerse yourself in laboratory techniques and unsolved problems across a variety of engineering and science disciplines. Evening activities and interaction with WPI students and faculty ensure your stay at WPI is more than just an academic experience. You will focus on one STEM discipline, and as a complement, enroll in a humanities and arts workshop. (508) 831-4900

Crestview, FL City Statistics:

Population: 14766
Elevation: 236 feet. Longitude: -86.5748 Latitude: 30.7622

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