Crestview, FL Summer Camps

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Crestview, FL Summer Camps

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Writing Summer Camps
Writing is something that comes from the heart. Be it a short story, a poem, a joke or a song, every writer uses his creativity to convert his ideas into words and pen them down. For some, this comes very easily, but for the others it could take a lot of time. This is the reason people enroll in writing summer camps. There are authors and poets who are involved in teaching this art to the campers.

Bears of All Kinds - The Evergreen School - 15201 Meridian Avenue North, Shoreline, WA
Students will be learning about all different types of bears… polar bears, brown bears, panda bears, and more. Many bear stories will be read; both non-fiction and fiction. Bear crafts will be created, bear games will be played, and bear play will take place. On Friday, the class will take a trip to the Woodland Park Zoo in search of their bears! 206-957-1533

Crestview, FL City Statistics:

Population: 14766
Elevation: 236 feet. Longitude: -86.5748 Latitude: 30.7622

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