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Denham Springs, LA Summer Camps

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Summer Day Camps VS Sleep-Away Camps
Summer camps are great for your kid’s overall development. However, having said that, you would also have to understand that every summer camp is not designed to suit your child. Therefore, you need to consider certain aspects before sending your child to the camp. For instance, you need to analyze whether your child has become matured enough to stay away from you for long hours? When was the last time your kid stayed away from you? How was his/her emotional reaction? Was he/she feeling comfortable in a relatively unknown environment?

HomeSchool Session 3 Fall 2015 (Fridays) - EcoAdventures - 216 Najoles Road, Millersville, MD
During Session 3, we will be focusing on a continuous project based animal presentation. During Project Animal, students will learn some basic concepts such as : planning, coordinating, leadership, teamwork, presentation skills, researching methods, animal husbandry, animal handling skills and safety. Students will pair off and choose an animal from our list to research and learn about in depth. Each class will focus on skills needed to do a final presentation to parents/family/friends on the last day of class. Class #1: Intro to Project Animals Class #2: Research/Resources/ Team building Class #3: Animal Husbandry/care, handling, and safety Class #4: Planning Phase and Presentation Skills Class #5: PRACTICE TIME! Class #6: SHOW TIME!! (410) 279-5416

Denham Springs, LA City Statistics:

Population: 8757
Elevation: 45 feet. Longitude: -90.9593 Latitude: 30.4797

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