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Enterprise, AL Summer Camps

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Pros and Cons of Private and Group Dance Classes
Both private and group dance classes have their own benefits and drawbacks, depending on the personality of the student, his or her requirements and the level of expertise the student already has.

Spring Session 1: Lake Side-(170th and Center)--(4/2-5/21) - Lakeside Hills Park - 171st and Frances St, Omaha, NE
There will be no class on: 5/28 1) Choose your preferred sport and time 2) Choose your age preference in the next screen..ages will be divided based on enrollment but will usually stick to these divisions: 2-3, 3-5, 5-7 3) Classes will be finalized 1-2 weeks prior to start time and rosters will be emailed out then with field assignments and coaching info! 4) Show up on the first day of class, no required uniform. *The only equipment necessary to play are shinguards for soccer, mouth guards for football, Baseball glove for tball, and pom poms for cheerleading. (We will have these available for purchase at the time of registration and they will be available on the first day of class! 4023203395.0

Enterprise, AL City Statistics:

Population: 21178
Elevation: 349 feet. Longitude: -85.8541 Latitude: 31.3134

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