Essex, MD Summer Camps

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Essex, MD Summer Camps

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Should You Send a Child to Summer Camp with Money?
It is never a good idea for children to keep track of their money at summer camp. The best alternative to this is a debit card that the camp staff keeps on hand in case of necessary purchases at the camp store. Some camps offer an account that parents can deposit money into, leaving the child the ability to use that in the store or the camp canteen. Camp debit cards are usually kept in the camp office for safe keeping.

Jr. Brick Robotics Advanced 7/18 - Open Door Church - 9801 Durant Rd, Raleigh, NC
NOTE: You must attend Jr. Brick Robotics before this camp. Weve introduced you to Jr. Brick Robotics and you now want more. Were still programming with Scratch, but with an expansion kit were now building much larger creations, making them move, analyzing their movements and using your own creativity to make them big, better, faster or stronger. Imagine yourself at the top of a giant ferris wheel, or learning the idiosyncrasies of a drawbridge, or in an actual drag race with your friend. The equation on this one is easy – more LEGO® + larger builds = LOADS of FUN! *Lego® is a trademark of the Lego® Corporation 919-847-7625

Essex, MD City Statistics:

Population: 39078
Elevation: 40 feet. Longitude: -76.446 Latitude: 39.3027

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