Homestead, MT Summer Camps

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Homestead, MT Summer Camps

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SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATION: C.S.IMSA (6/27/16 to 7/1/16) - Chicago South - Chicago-South: Perspectives High School of Technol - 8131 South May Street, Second Floor Chicago, IL
Description: Calling all forensic investigators!---Weve come across a mystery and need your help to crack the case! As part of this program, participants will work in teams to gather evidence as they unravel the science and mathematics behind crime scene clues like finger and footprints, DNA, handwriting, voice identification, and more! At the end of the week, teams will analyze their evidence, make deductions and propose their theories to solve the mystery. This is a sponsored program, available to students who attend a Chicago Public School. Apply for scholarship to attend this summer program. Scholarship applicants are required to provide additional forms: 1) Eligibility for Scholarship (Downloadable PDF) 2) Student Essay (To be completed online by your child/ward) If you are awarded a scholarship, you will be notified by email. Upon the award, a $30 scholarship application fee will be applied. (630)9075950

Homestead, MT City Statistics:

Population: 269
Elevation: 1984 feet. Longitude: -104.5383 Latitude: 48.4211

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