Owyhee County, ID Summer Camps

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Owyhee County, ID Summer Camps

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Geography of Owyhee County, ID

According to the 2000 census, the county has a total area of 7,696.71 square miles , of which 7,677.98 square miles is land and 18.72 square miles is water. Nearly all of the county is high intermountain desert, with plentiful sagebrush and basalt canyons. The Owyhee Mountains in the west dominate the landscape, with Hayden Peak reaching 8,403 feet above sea level. The lowest elevation is at the county's northwest corner, where the Snake River is just above 2,000 feet at the Oregon border. The Snake forms most of the county's northern border from Oregon to just west of Glenns Ferry in Elmore County. A tributary of the Snake is the Bruneau River , which flows north from Nevada through the eastern section of the county. The Owyhee River starts in the southwestern part of the county and flows westward into Oregon; it eventually enters the Snake at the state border south of Nyssa . Adjacent counties Canyon County - Ada County - Elmore County - Twin Falls County - Elko County , Nevada - Humboldt County , Nevada - Malheur County , Oregon - National protected areas Bruneau - Jarbidge Rivers Wilderness Deer Flat National Wildlife Refuge Little Jacks Creek and Big Jacks Creek Wilderness North Fork Owyhee and Pole Creek Wilderness Owyhee River Wilderness Snake River Birds of Prey National Conservation Area .

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