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Morristown, TN Summer Camps

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LEGO® Stop-Motion & Animation w/3D Printing (05/2/16) - BounceU - Apex - 3419 Apex Peakway, Apex, NC
LEGO® Stop-Motion & Animation w/ 3D Printing: Want to see your childs stories come to life? Campers will create their very own movies using LEGO® through the process of stop motion capture; and learn basic animation concepts. Their movies will come to life with the addition of music, special effects and professional titles! We have many LEGO® themes to choose from: Super Heroes, Ninjago®, Star Wars®, LEGO® Friends® …etc. With the new 3D Printing revolution the possibilities of what can be created are amazing and endless. Campers will also get to create a model(e.g. car, plane, boat) on a computer in 3D and see it come to life when it is printed in 3D. Campers will use these models in their Stop Motion Videos!!! Age 5+ Image and video hosting by TinyPic [] [] 919-303-3368

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