Blaine County, MT Summer Camps

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Blaine County, MT Summer Camps

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Golf Summer Camps
Golf is a game usually played by adults. However a child who has a liking for the game, too, can play it now, thanks to the golf summer camps that have opened up in many of the cities. These summer camps focus at improving the game of the little campers through fun – filled activities and lessons. These camps are for the juniors as well as for the kids from higher age groups. Again depending on the choice of the children and their parents, they can also choose among day camps and overnight camps. While enrolling in a camp ensure that it is a licensed operator and has had a good experience in the past. This will show how successful the camp has been.

Reading and Writing the City Life - Ensworth High School - 7401 Highway 100, Nashville, TN
Writers become writers by letting their senses, and then their imagination, take flight. We use this week to hone the skills of listening and noticing as we explore the city with notebooks in hand. We go to malls, parks, and an art museum, for starters. The essays we read aloud (at the beginning of the day) are fun, short, and compelling. It is a great follow up to Reading and Writing in the Woods. Or it can stand alone. Either way, you will be pleased with the work you do, and you will have a notebook that you will want to keep forever. INSTRUCTOR: Myra McLarey, Ensworth English Instructor 615-383-0661

Geography of Blaine County, MT

According to the U.S. Census Bureau , the county has a total area of 4,239 square miles , of which 4,226 square miles is land and 13 square miles is water. The majority of Fort Belknap Indian Reservation is located in the southeastern part of the county. Features of the area include the Milk River , Bears Paw Mountains , and the Little Rocky Mountains . Wikimedia Commons has media related to: Blaine County, Montana Adjacent counties and rural municipalities Hill County, Montana - west Chouteau County, Montana - southwest Fergus County, Montana - south Phillips County, Montana - east Reno No. 51, Saskatchewan - north Frontier No. 19, Saskatchewan - north Lone Tree No. 18, Saskatchewan - north Reno No. 51, Saskatchewan , Canada ; Frontier No. 19, Saskatchewan , Hill County Phillips County    Blaine County, Montana     Chouteau County Fergus County National protected areas Black Coulee National Wildlife Refuge Nez Perce National Historical Park Upper Missouri River Breaks National Monument .

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