Garfield County, MT Summer Camps

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Garfield County, MT Summer Camps

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Visual Arts Summer Camps
Summer vacation is a time when the kids are actually busy in a lot of things. There are friends; there are hobby classes and even summer camps consisting of different activities. A type of summer camp that many kids love are, visual arts summer camps. These are summer camps for kids and teenagers with a bend towards creativity. Through these camps, the kids are able to utilize their time well by bringing out their creativity and imagination to create some fantastic masterpieces.

Nature Impressions with Judie Cavanaugh (Ages 7-11) - Young People - 80 Audubon Street, New Haven, CT
Printmaking with a variety of tools and techniques to create monoprints, stencils, collographs, stamps, handmade books, marbleized papers, origami and nature impressions. 2035624927 x14

Geography of Garfield County, MT

According to the U.S. Census Bureau , the county has a total area of 4,848 square miles , of which 4,668 square miles is land and 179 square miles is water. Its average population density of 0.1058 inhabitants/kmĀ² is the third-lowest of any county outside of Alaska . Major highways 20px ? Montana Highway 22 ? Montana Highway 59 ? Montana Highway 24 Adjacent counties Phillips County, Montana - northwest Valley County, Montana - north McCone County, Montana - east Prairie County, Montana - east Custer County, Montana - southeast Rosebud County, Montana - south Petroleum County, Montana - west Phillips County Valley County Petroleum County McCone County and Prairie County    Garfield County, Montana     Rosebud County Custer County National protected area Charles M. Russell National Wildlife Refuge .

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