Roosevelt County, MT Summer Camps

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Roosevelt County, MT Summer Camps

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Pros and Cons of Private and Group Dance Classes
Both private and group dance classes have their own benefits and drawbacks, depending on the personality of the student, his or her requirements and the level of expertise the student already has.

Programming - Week 1 - Programming Camp - 10400 Seven Locks Rd., Potomac, MD
Build your very own computer game and learn valuable programming skills along the way in this fun, stimulating programming camp. If you have never coded before, dont worry! This camp is for ALL experience levels, whether you have made games before or have never coded in your life. Highlights Build your own classic computer game Hone your skills (or learn the basics of) HTML, CSS, and JavaScript: the languages that run the Internet Design 2-D and 3-D characters Animate your characters Defend your code from hackers Work with RaspberryPi mini-computers to build, defend, and hack your own networks Build robots that obey your commands Create 3-D worlds Mod Minecraft using JavaScript Build a computer from scratch Take apart computers, servers, laptops, and smart-phones to see the inner workings Five lucky campers every week will go home with their very own Raspberry Pi-Kano mini computer! 301-365-4300

Geography of Roosevelt County, MT

According to the U.S. Census Bureau , the county has a total area of 2,370 square miles , of which, 2,356 square miles of it is land and 14 square miles of it is water. Over 74 percent of the county's land area lies within the Fort Peck Indian Reservation . Major highways U.S. Highway 2 ? Montana Highway 13 ? Montana Highway 16 ? Montana Highway 25 20px ? Montana Highway 251 Adjacent counties Sheridan County, Montana - north Daniels County, Montana - north Valley County, Montana - west McCone County, Montana - southwest Richland County, Montana - south Williams County, North Dakota - east Sheridan County and Daniels County Valley County Williams County, North Dakota    Roosevelt County, Montana     McCone County Richland County National protected areas Fort Union Trading Post National Historic Site Medicine Lake National Wildlife Refuge .

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