Rosebud County, MT Summer Camps

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Rosebud County, MT Summer Camps

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Hiking Summer Camps
There are many ways in which outdoor adventure – lovers can spend their time in order to fulfill their thirst for adventure. Hiking is just one of them. To enjoy hiking to its maximum limit, kids can enroll into hiking summer camps. These camps provide a great and challenging experience for the campers along with providing a great setting for meeting new people and making new friends. Although it is an adventurous sport, first – timers can join these camps too.

Mariemont Elementary 3rd Grade Art Enrichment Fish Kites - Mariemont Elementary Art Room - 6750 Wooster Pike, Cincinnati, OH
Collage with tissue paper to make stunning fish kites. This class meets each Wednesday from 3:30-4:30. Students should report to the art room directly after school. 513-272-7407

Geography of Rosebud County, MT

According to the U.S. Census Bureau , the county has a total area of 5,027 square miles , of which 5,012 square miles is land and 15 square miles is water. Major highways Interstate 94 U.S. Highway 12 U.S. Highway 212 Montana Highway 39 Montana Highway 59 Adjacent counties Garfield County, Montana - north Custer County, Montana - east Powder River County, Montana - southeast Big Horn County, Montana - south Treasure County, Montana - west Yellowstone County, Montana - western touch Musselshell County, Montana - west Petroleum County, Montana - northwest Petroleum County Garfield County Treasure County , Yellowstone County , and Musselshell County Custer County    Rosebud County, Montana     Big Horn County Powder River County National protected area Custer National Forest .

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