Pensacola, FL Summer Camps

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Pensacola, FL Summer Camps

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Speech / Hearing Summer Camps
Speech / hearing summer camps are mostly organized for kids with communication disorders. These camps deal with improving the disorders of speech, hearing and languages among kids of all ages. Depending upon their requirements of therapy, campers attend day camps or weekly camps. Speech and hearing are important senses with the help of which people communicate with each other. That is why it is important for any disorders to be dealt with, as soon as possible. While providing the necessary speech and hearing therapy, the trainers in these camps take into account all the needs of the child and the total environment in which he lives.

Elementary Boys BB Camp - Riggs High School - 1010 E Broadway, Pierre, SD
Camps will provide fundamentals and skills such as shooting mechanics, footwork, ball handling, passing and team concepts. Grades 3-5 (Fall 2016) LOCATION Riggs High - Gym at Riggs High School

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Population: 56255
Elevation: 32 feet. Longitude: -87.195 Latitude: 30.421

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