Pensacola, FL Summer Camps

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Pensacola, FL Summer Camps

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Sailing Summer Camps
Sailing summer camps are for kids who love the waters and would love to spend time in between the blue ocean. A typical sailing camp includes a group of children living on a yatch or a catamaran. The yatch has all the necessary amenities required in the everyday life. The camper sails along with the other campers and the yatch is accompanied by a few other yatches on this sailing mission.

Debate and Public Speaking Level 1- Spring Camp - Piedmont Middle School - 740 Magnolia Avenue, Piedmont, CA
This class is a combo course of Public Speaking with Confidence and Essentials of Debating. It is an excellent course to take, as it not only focuses on teaching delivery and presentation skills but also provides a foundation of critical thinking and the essentials of debating. Curriculum includes thought-provoking and stimulating topics and exciting activities to write and speak. Students learn how to manage public speaking anxiety, present themselves with confidence, and how to make strong arguments by providing reasoning and evidence. This program improves confidence, communication and general knowledge. To learn more visit LOCATION Piedmont Middle School, Room 308 at Piedmont Middle School INSTRUCTOR Gurus Educational Services Staff

Pensacola, FL City Statistics:

Population: 56255
Elevation: 32 feet. Longitude: -87.195 Latitude: 30.421

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