Plentywood, MT Summer Camps

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Plentywood, MT Summer Camps

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Basketball Summer Camps
What is a summer vacation without a game of basketball? Then whether the kids play in their backyards with their friends or in the playgrounds, basketball has always been a favourite sport of millions of children. Looking at the popularity of the game, many basketball summer camps have opened up to provide basic and advanced level courses in this sport and award kids with a trophy to encourage participation. Because of the exciting nature of the sport kids love enrolling into such camps and learning all they can.

02/15 Theatre Day Camp- GAMES - Seattles Littlest Performers - 5214 University Way NE, Seattle, WA
This class will be a fun day of set design, and theatre games. Students will not have a performance at the end of the day, but will get to learn several Improv Acting Games, and group theatre, music, and dance games. 206-473-9580

Plentywood, MT City Statistics:

Population: 2061
Longitude: -104.5619 Latitude: 48.7747

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