Archaeology Summer Camps

Some children are completely smitten by History. They like to dig into the historical past of different countries, cultures, lands, etc. and find evidence of how life existed many years ago. Sometimes though there is a lot of interest, the correct kind of guidance and equipments needed are not available with many. Such history lovers can enroll themselves at archaeology summer camps which can help them fulfill their interests and goals.

A typical week in these summer camps consists of a number of activities related to history and archaeology. Once the activities are over, the kids can interact with each other and hold discussions related to that topic, to gain more information. The information could be on the archaeological excavations done in a particular region, the culture of the region, the history and geography of the region, etc. To make life interesting, at the archaeology summer camps, camp staff also arrange for the campers to assist real archaeologists in their hunt for information related to the past history of that region. This activity usually includes campers helping the archaeologists at the various sites and in the laboratories.

In the labs, the campers help to analyse and record the data of the samples excavated at the site thus watching the archaeologists reconstruct the glorious past of that region. Though these activities take up most of the kids’ time, they are given time off and a chance to try their hands at various sports like hiking, river rafting, etc. These camps are a great way to meet other children of different backgrounds and make new friends. They instill the qualities of teamwork, hard work, concentration in work and coordination among the young campers.


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