Participate in Summer Day Camp Activities and Add a Zing to Your Vacations

Summer day camps are a great way to invigorate oneself. With the horde of activities planned out, camping is a lot of fun. With the concept of summer day camps becoming very popular, many more activities have been added to their portfolio. Given below are some of the fun-filled summer day camp activities that often rewarded with a trophy to promote kid's participation.


Exploring caves: In this activity the campers can explore caves and learn about the cave environment. They learn how to move safely and to help other team mates get out safely from the cave. They are provided with protective equipment and clothes and the proper guidance of a trained instructor.

Canoeing: In this activity, the campers are taught how to paddle the canoe. First they are asked to practice handling a canoe on land. Once they are through with that, they are allowed in the water. Even in the water they practice first few rounds with the trainer and once they get the confidence to canoe on their own, they are allowed canoeing with a fellow camper.

Archery and Riflery: These are activities where campers learn archery in one half of the day and riflery in the other half. They are not allowed to use the weapons until they pass a safety test. Once this is done they start the actual practicing. Both these activities consist of multiple levels. Depending on their score in each level they advance to the next level. Their abilities to focus, concentrate and have self - control are considered. The professionals teaching these activities are trained in the procedures, safety rules, signals and commands and handling of the equipments.

Windsurfing: Kids will love this activity. Small sails and boats make windsurfing a lot of fun. The camp includes windsurfing skills, some safety instructions on how to handle the boat, some wind theory to make the sailing easy and experience -sharing with professionals and other groups. The safety of the kids and other campers is considered first and hence all the boats and sails are made with this in mind.

Apart from these there are many other summer day camps like photography camps, space camps, sea kayaking camps and even community service camps which have a range of activities. With an increasing demand for such camps, you will definitely find an activity to suit your age and interest.


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