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When the exams are over and the vacations arrive, kids get bored sitting at home. Keep your kid occupied by enrolling him for a summer day camp. Summer day camps are camps which keep your kids active for an entire day. At night they return back to their respective homes. This camp works out best for parents who are working. Such parents would like their kid to have some fun during holidays and prefer them coming home at nights. These camps are entertaining as well as educative.

There are many summer day camps types available. The most popular amongst them are:

Sports Day Camps: Your child loves sports? There are a variety of sports that many summer camps cater to like horse riding, baseball, hockey, etc. Here the child will not only enjoy his favourite sport but also to excel in it.

Religious Day Camps: These camps are organized by religious groups like the Church. They are just like any other camps organized for adults and kids. The only factor that distinguishes these camps from the others is that they have a religious touch to them. There are prayers said daily and religion is a part of everything they do.

Fitness Day Camps: This is another type of camp for people who are fitness freaks or who have joined a camp for a purpose. In these camps physical activities and healthy foods are stressed upon. There are fat camps that cater to obese people who want to lose weight. There are Ayurveda camps where people can come to be cured of a disease. There are pregnancy camps where women are taught the basics of keeping fit throughout pregnancy with exercises and healthy diet.

Adventure Summer Day Camps: Love to go on a trek? Enjoy cycling through the twists and turns of mountains? Are crazy about water rafting? This is the camp for you. There are many day camps organized by groups where they collect a crowd and go on a crazy trek or hike.

These are some of the popularĀ summer day camps types. They are conducted for a day or more but do not include overnight stay. They are fun, they keep your family away from boring routine and definitely add some spice to your vacations.


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