Summer Day Camps - An Innovative Platform to Learn Discipline

Summer is the season when children and youngsters can enjoy a long holiday. Due to growing popularity of electronic media and lack of enough recreational activities, they tend to spend most of the time indoors. Summer day camps provide them the perfect outlet to make the summer holiday more enjoyable.

The summer day camp idea was mainly introduced by European countries, the pioneer being the town of Appenzell in Alps where Pastor Bion set up first holiday camps for children away from home.  Most parents being bit too possessive about their children were always hesitant about sending the young ones away from home. However they are opening up to the idea now. Summer day camps have started gaining popularity in the recent times and everyone is more open about them now.

The traditional concept of summer camps was to plan activities like hiking or camp fires for the participants also called campers. Nowadays, newer summer camp ideas are being implemented like performing arts, music, magic, learning a new language, computers, weight loss programs and even interesting activities like bird watching, horse riding, fishing ,cycling and of course popular sports activities like cricket and tennis. Then there are camps organized for children with special needs where they are being taught how to overcome their physical disabilities and face different hurdles in life. Those children suffering from learning disability or attention deficit disorder or even physically disabled can benefit from such camps. Basically summer camps try to provide recreation as well as education in a creative manner.

In summer camps, the group of participants is headed by an adult supervisor also called counselor. In some camps, there can by more than one counselor heading small groups and they participate in almost all activities same as the campers. At some camps, the campers stay overnight but day camps allow campers to go home at night.

Summer day camps provide children their first opportunity to spend long time away from home on their own. This helps in developing a sense of discipline among them. Nowadays most children and teenagers come from nuclear families where they are given undivided attention. These summer day camps teach them how to share with others and care for friends and provide them the perfect platform to take healthy risks in a safe and nurturing environment.


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