Robotics Summer Camps

Robotics summer camps are all about the bots. Kids of all ages can participate in these camps. Except for creativity, there is no other special skill required to enter in these camps. The kids only have to use their imagination to create a robot, actually use their skills to build it and then see it running around like a live individual. The tools to do this are basically building systems, an intelligent microcomputer brick and the functionality of the drag – and – drop system. Learning this, the kids begin to create robots, starting from the first day of the camp.

The trainers at these robotics summer camps teach a group of few campers at a time and as such individual attention is paid to every camper. The courses are also drafted in such a way that they include teachings for campers of all age groups, beginning from the basic level and extending to the advanced level. They are provided with software that also gives them the step – by – step procedure to building a robot to making it functional. This can be used by beginners and by advanced level users.

These robotics summer camps help in making the field of robotics very simple and full of fun. The campers learn to face the challenges set before them by working in together with the other campers. Solving these problems, they learn about applying various problem– solving techniques. This is a very new concept that has been introduced in the summer camps. So kids, who are on a lookout to do something different during their summer vacation, must definitely opt for these exciting robotic camps.


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