Science Summer Camps

Science is not a subject that must be taught within the boundaries of a classroom. Science is better understood when children are actually allowed to experience what they read in books. Enrolling your child for Science summer camps will solve this purpose. These camps are organized for children of all ages. These camps include academic as well as fun activities. The children learn to handle responsibilities on their own, they learn to live and work with teams and they of course make new friends.

There are many activities that are held in these Science summer camps. Some of them are listed below:

  • A child can study about the different animal species. They can choose any one animal and learn about it, what it eats, where it lives, its needs to survive, etc.
  • Similarly children also learn the different types of plants and their uses.
  • They get to see different varieties of insects and can also catch a glimpse of their life cycles. Won’t it be interesting to see a caterpillar turn into a butterfly?
  • There are laboratory facilities within the camp where the children can learn about how things work. With materials provided to them they can also create things and make them work.
  • They also learn about how forensic science works and can experiment with fake samples.
  • They learn about water and its importance, about our earth and the minerals and rocks found on it, etc. through field trips and experiments.

Camps also include fun activities like art and craft, photography, pottery, etc. All the activities are carried out under the guidance of trainers. These camps not only impart subject knowledge but also end up developing the overall personality of the child.


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