Social Benefits of Summer Camps

Not every kid understands how they fit into the world or how to make new friends. This is why so many families send youth to summer camps. Different programs help youth see their worth and help them make friends with people. Life lessons learned at camp are invaluable to a child’s development.

1) See Their Worth
The first step to making friends is understanding one’s sense of self or identity. Camp is where many kids start to see themselves as individuals and learn it is okay to be different. Most programs are removed from the child’s school and neighborhood, so they can reimagine who they are, pursue interests like basketball or the arts, and identify their strengths. Camps empower youth to speak and be themselves.

2) Meet New People and Make New Friends
Making friends isn’t as simple as people might think. Summer camps create situations and have activities in place like icebreakers, teambuilders and themed events like Camp Olympics where kids have to get to know one another. Thanks to such intentional programming, youth form friendships, sometimes with people they’d never expect. Arthur Mondale reported on the benefits of summer camps in helping kids face fears and how 96% reported they made new friends (

3) Deepen Relationships
Since kids are often unplugged for the summer or participating in intentional social activities, they have a chance to deepen relationships. Youth at camp talk about real issues and things versus school gossip or surface level things. This means that summer camp friendships can be some of the most deep and profound in a person’s life. Many people say that some of their best friends in adulthood are those they met at camp.

Dive in today to find the best program. Even just one summer can help a child discover who they are and how to make friends. This is a chance to give youth important social skills that can help them in school and throughout life.


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