Summer Day Camps – Best Holiday Gifts for Your Child

Your child’s best friend attended a summer day camp last year and this year she is inviting your daughter too. So, want to be sure what is right for your loved one? You need to do some reality check before picking up the right summer day camp.

Select the camp depending on your child’s profile

The summer camp suitable for a seven year old may not suit a teenager. You need to enquire about the camp’s recreational activities or special courses they will be conducting e.g. if your child has an artistic bend of mind, putting him/her in a summer camp which stresses on sports activities may not help.

Summer camps for kids should be designed in a different way with more number            of counselors. Also, the recreational activities should be interesting and unique enough to keep them busy whole day and help them learn something new. For a teenager, pursuing his/her own interest is more important so you need to choose camps which inspire the campers to work on their own and help them to explore             their skills.

Check on the camp’s facilities

If the camp is providing meals, enquire about the menus and food quality and preparation procedure and if the food is supplied from outside, ask about the supplier details. Also inform them if your child is allergic to some specific food.

You should be aware of the safety and medical facilities of the camp since they are taking responsibility of a large number of campers. If possible, visit the place before hand to be sure of the location and its accessibility.

If your child is having any physical disability, ask about the extra facilities they will be providing.

A background check of the camp director and other staff is advisable to be sure of their ability to successfully handle summer camps.

A reference always helps .i.e., you can consult parents whose children visited the same camp last year. This way you will be having better idea of the camp.

Consult your child

You can take your child’s opinion while picking up the right summer day camp because it’s the child who will be going to spend time and not you. So his/her comfort label also matters.

So, next time gift your child the best summer holiday by sending him/her to the perfect summer day camp.


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