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Slidell, LA Summer Camps

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Summer camps are as different as the campers who come to them. Some camps have a focus toward music, some on sports, there are religious camps, camps for people with disabilities and camps that promote leadership. Regardless of the types of camp, they have one thing in common. All camps offer fun activities.

A-1 The New Illinois Civics Curriculum: Perils and Pitfalls - Aurora - 1500 Sullivan Road, Aurora, IL
The Illinois Legislature will require all Illinois students to complete one semester in civics in order graduate beginning with students entering next academic year. IMSA adopted a combined one-semester civics/American history curriculum this year that can serve as a critical study in how to achieve the goals the state hopes to achieve. Rather than wrestle with the issue of American History vs. American Government curriculum, we are attempting to present a History of American Government, exploring the origins of our political institutions beginning in the Dark Ages and how these have evolved to meet the needs of the times. We believe this approach adds color and drama to the civics material and provides the students with a sense of just how unique and precious these are. (630)9075950

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Population: 25695
Elevation: 9 feet. Longitude: -89.7777 Latitude: 30.281

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