Spartanburg, SC Summer Camps

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Pine St Ymca Summer Day Camp

Spartanburg, SC, 29301
Camp Type:
Day Camp
Aerobics/Exercise, Baseball/Softball, Basketball, Bicycling/Biking, Horseback Riding (Western), Instructional Swimming, Recreational Swimming, Skating, Soccer, Tennis, Arts And Crafts, Field Trips, Fishing, Football, Golf

Spartanburg, SC Summer Camps

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Computer Summer Camps
Does your child spend hour with his video game? Does he show interest in such technical stuff? Then a computer summer camp is the right place where your child should be in the summer vacation. Computer summer camps are for children of every age group. Campers get to learn about different aspects of computing and technology through hands on learning with different types of digital media. There is something for everyone in these camps. So a child will not be confused and teenagers with some expertise in this field will not be bored doing the same things repeatedly.

Innov8 Kids - Old Trail School - 2315 Ira Road, Bath, OH
Let your entrepreneurial spirit soar as you and other kids learn how to develop and launch your own new product, and create targeted marketing and design sales materials. Youll refine your presentation, then celebrate your successful launch for our "Shark Tank" competition on the last day of camp. On field trips to start-up ventures and business incubators, youll see how entrepreneurs are getting to do what they love while working for themselves. Theres no ceiling on this entrepreneurial journey. The sky is the limit! Instructor: Lynn Buchinsky, KSU Blackstone Launchpad and Owner * Minimum of 8 children is needed for class to be held 3306661118 x469

Spartanburg, SC City Statistics:

Population: 39673
Elevation: 816 feet. Longitude: -81.9283 Latitude: 34.9449

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