Winchester, KY Summer Camps

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Winchester, KY Summer Camps

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Math Summer Camps
The best way of providing education to a child is by mixing fun with learning. Kids enjoy such activities and always remember the things that they learn in this manner. This is the reason why there are many education camps organized in many countries. Like school they do not include only academics, but also include a range of fun activities for the kids. Math summer camp is one such type of camp, which is organized for kids to help them learn about Mathematics.

435AM: Web Designing and Digital Art - NextGen Tech Learning - 2206 Camino Ramon, San Ramon, CA
World Wide Web is the foundation of todays hyper connected world. Documents on www are traditionally written in HTML, the major component of the web. In this camp students will learn to design web pages and website. Students will make a mini website and can take home on last day of camp. In digital design students will learn to make graphics that can be used for web or printing. They will use their graphics on their website. This course does not require any prior knowledge of programming or HTML experience; we will build all necessary skills from the ground up. 925-659-8000

Winchester, KY City Statistics:

Population: 16724
Elevation: 994.094488 feet. Longitude: -84.17965 Latitude: 37.99008

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