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Winchester, KY Summer Camps

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International Influence on American Dance Styles
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Healthy Baking (ages 5+) M-F 1-3pm - Meadowlark Community Church - 1918 Redwing Street, San Marcos, CA
Healthy Hands-On Baking with Audrey Oberman (AGES 5-12) Cant get them out of the kitchen? Do they love to eat healthy or struggle with understanding why they dont get chips, candy and juice boxes 5 days a week in their lunch box? Then this is the camp for them. We will have rotations in small groups in our full service kitchen creating healthy meals for lunches followed by fast and delicious low sugar desserts towards the end of the week. In the kitchen we will talk about what "moderation, preservatives, food additives, organic, nutritious" means (to name a few). Recipes & photos go home on Fridays! Although this camp is offered twice this summer, the cooking projects will not repeat so we encourage children to sign up for both weeks. 7604029969.0

Winchester, KY City Statistics:

Population: 16724
Elevation: 994.094488 feet. Longitude: -84.17965 Latitude: 37.99008

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